Whether you are planning on a cedar deck or are thinking about using one of the low-maintenance composite or PVC decking products on the market, the products we promote and build with are the best in the industry. We feel it is our responsibility as a professional deck building company to know which products are the best on the market and which products are not. We provide our customers with this knowledge and expertise to help them make the very best decision possible. And, if by these statements you're wondering if there are products we WON'T build with...our answer is undeniably "YES, THERE ARE"!

We assist our customers in choosing the products we feel are best suited for them based on the location of their deck, the kind of use their deck will experience and the style of deck they want to build as well as advising them on which products are within their spending target. We strive to provide every customer with the truly custom deck they envision at a price they are comfortable paying.

Need help deciding between Cedar, Composite and PVC? Click here for some helpful tips and points to consider.

Please Note: Color swatches provided are for comparison purposes only. Actual colors of products may vary. Some deck products may not be carried by local lumber dealers and may be subject to "Special Order" pricing.

NOTE: Our decking products page may NOT be updated to reflect current products available from each manufacturer. Please visit manufacturer websites for most current lists of available decking products.
Western Red Cedar Decking

   • Cost competitive and affordable

   • Unsurpassed natural beauty

   • Naturally resistant to decay and insect damage

   • Stays cool to the touch in summer heat

   • Twice the stability of most commonly available softwoods

    "Western Red Cedar is pitch and resin-free. Which means it’s ideal for accepting and holding a wide range of beautiful finishes including elegant dark stains, shabby chic bleaches, traditional solid colors and naturally beautiful semi-transparents."

    "Although Western Red Cedar is a naturally durable wood ideal for decks, its performance is enhanced when protected by an appropriate finish."

Red Cedar
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Brazilian Walnut Decking

   • Naturally strong, durable and decay/termite resistant

   • Dimensionally stable, knot free and do not need any preservative treatment

   • Lower maintenance than Western Red Cedar, but will still weather over time

   • Hardness is three times that of oak

    " Brazilian Walnut is generally a deep, rich brown with some pieces displaying red and amber hues. This exotic wood is one of the densest woods available, making it a great choice for decking.”

Brazilian Walnut
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TimberTech®Edge Decking

   • Tough: 3-sided cap contains no wood particles and shields the high-performance core

   • Textured: Tight, straight wood grain pattern showcases monochromatic, opaque finish

   • Attainable: Lower production costs make these composite decking boards the perfect fit for the cost-conscious consumer

   • Low-maintenance: No annual sealing or staining required for protection

   • Sustainable: Composed of up to 80% recycled materials

   • Protected: Comes with 25-year fade-and-stain and 25-year limited warranties

   • Choose from 2 color collections:
• Premier & Prime Collections: Straight grain decking in solid, earth inspired hues
• Prime+ Collection: Straight grain decking with subtle color variegations

Premier & Prime Collections

Dark Teak
Maritime Gray

Prime+ Collection

Coconut Husk
Sea Salt Gray
Dark Cocoa
TimberTech®Pro Decking

   • Tough: Proprietary composite core surrounded with a protective polymer shell on all 4 sides

   • Enduring: Stands up to harsh weather; resists stains, scratches, and fading

   • Durable: Resists mold, mildew, and moisture damage

   • Low-maintenance: No annual sealing or staining required for protection

   • Sustainable: Composed of up to 80% recycled materials

   • Protected: Comes with 30-year fade-and-stain and 30-year limited warranties

   • Choose from 3 beautiful color collections:
• Terrain Collection: Texturized decking in natural earthtone colors
• Reserve Collection: Rustic wire-brushed finish decking with cathedral woodgrain, inspired by the colors of reclaimed wood
• Legacy Collection: Authentic woodgrain decking with the look and feel of handscraped hardwood flooring

Terrain Collection

Brown Oak
Silver Maple
Stone Ash
Rustic Elm

Reserve Collection

Dark Roast

Legacy Collection

For More Product Information , please visit the TimberTech website:
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Deckorators® Decking

   • Enduring: Capped with durable polymer technology to resist mold, mildew & harsh weather

   • Protected: 25 Year Stain & Fade Warranty 25 Year Structural Warranty and 25 Year Removal & Replacement Warranties

   • Extra Protection: Industry Leading 25 Year Structural Warranty and 25 Year Removal & Replacement Warranties

   • Low-maintenance: No annual sealing or staining required for protection

   • Strong: Unique extrusion process results in stronger and more reliable deck board with cap on three sides

  • Available in two stunning color collections:
• Trailhead Collection: Decking with natural embossing & rugged undertones with subtle variegation for a real-wood look
• Vista Collection: Pronounced woodgrain pattern decking with tropical variegation that resembles exotic hardwoods

Trailhead Collection


Vista Collection

For More Product Information , please visit the Deckorators website:
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Fiberon®Goodlife Decking

   • Authentic wood look features distinct grain patterns

   • Contains 96% recycled content

   • Three-sided cap layer resists staining & fading

   • Low maintenance & easy to clean

   • Available in two color collections:
• Weekender Collection: Solid colors for a traditional stained deck look, backed by a 25-year Stain, Fade & Performance Warranty
• Escapes Collection: Multi-tonal colors that resemble exotic hardwoods, backed by a 30-year Stain, Fade & Performance Warranty

Weekender Collection


Escapes Collection

Tuscan Villa
Beach House
Fiberon®Sanctuary Decking

   • Decking features bold, multi-tonal colors & rustic embossing

   • Backed by a 40-year stain, fade & performance warranty

   • Three-sided PermaTech cap layer resists fading

   • Contains 95% recycled content

   • Strong composite construction resists splintering, cracking, insects & decay with flat-bottom profile

Earl Grey
Fiberon®Concordia Decking

   • Decking features subtle grain patterns with no repeats

   • Contains 94% recycled content

   • Finished surface on top AND bottom make boards reversible & reduce waste

   • Backed by a 50-year stain & fade warranty + a LIFETIME performance warranty

   • Choose from 2 exquisite color collections:
• Symmetry Collection: Decking with a low-gloss formula and micro-texturing to create a unique finish
• Horizon Collection: Decking with dramatic colors & streaking that emulate exotic hardwoods

Symmetry Collection

Warm Sienna
Burnt Umber

Horizon Collection

Tudor Brown
Castle Gray
For More Product Information , please visit the Fiberon decking website:
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Trex® Transcend® Decking

   • Protective shell shields against fade, stain, scratch, and mold

   • Hassle-free maintenance

   • Made from 95% recycled materials

   • 25 Year Limited Residential Fade & Stain Warranty

   • Available in two beautiful color collections:
• Premium Tropicals: Rich, multi-toned colors
• Classic Earth Tones: Natural, woodgrain colors

Premium Tropical Collection

Tiki Torch
Lava Rock
Spiced Rum
Havana Gold
Island Mist

Classic Earth Tones

Gravel Path
Rope Swing
For More Product Information , please visit the Trex website:
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Azek®PVC Decking

   • Strong: Capped polymer with Alloy Armour Technology® for superior surface protection

   • Low maintenance: No annual sealing or staining needed

   • Protected: 50 year Fade & Stain Warranty + Lifetime Limited Warranty

   • Durable: Mold, stain, split and scratch resistant

   • Enduring: Core & cap contain no organic materials, eliminating moisture damage

   • Available in three color collections:
• Harvest Collection: Cathedral woodgrain embossed decking in natural, calming tones
• Landmark Collection: Earthy, modern wood tones with cascading hues, rustic crosscut grain complimenting the classic cathedral grain and a matte finish
• Vintage Collection: Wire-brushed, low-gloss textured decking with both dramatic and subtle tone variegation

Harvest Collection

Slate Gray

Landmark Collection

White Oak
Castle Gate

Vintage Collection

Dark Hickory
For More Product Information , please visit the Azek website:
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Deckorators® EovationsDecking

   • Protected: 25 Year Stain & Fade Warranty

   • Extra Protection: 25 Year Structural Warranty and 25 Year Removal & Replacement Warranties

   • Strong: Lightweight, strong & stable, delivering the industry's best strength-to-weight ratio

   • Durable: Made from a blend of polypropylene and mineral filler with NO wood fibers, no splinters, sagging or cracking

   • Versatile: Warranted for installation in or in contact with ground or water

  • Available in two beautiful color collections:
• Vault Collection: Lightly textured decking in multi-toned colors with cathedral style variegation for a dramatic look
• Voyage Collection: Heavily textured decking for enhanced traction in bold colors with vertical grain variegation

Vault Collection


Voyage Collection

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Wood vs. Composite/PVC
Many of our customers ask whether we recommend cedar or composite decking. We generally answer that question with a question of our own... "How much time do you want to spend enjoying your deck vs. working at keeping it looking nice?" For many homeowners, one of the biggest determining factors for any home improvement project is the cost. At this point in time, composite and PVC decking materials are still more expensive than cedar, but with the rising cost of all lumber, the gap is not as big as it used to be! We truly do not promote cedar over composite or vice versa. We want all of our customers to be happy with their choice of decking... today, tomorrow and well into the future, so we offer a few points for our customers to consider when making their decision:

   • How much time and/or money do you want to spend to keep your deck looking good every year?

   • What type of texture and colors are you interested in?

   • What is the environment of the area where your deck will be? (Shade, full sun, moist, etc.)

   • What kind of use will your deck be getting? Do you have kids, pets, lots of outdoor dining?

Other factors we feel customers need to evaluate when deciding which material to use are how much stain and scratch resistance they foresee they will need based on the type of traffic their deck will receive. Ultimately, it truly all comes down to what factors are most important to each, individual customer. Again, cost is almost always the biggest consideration, but the knowledge that a cedar deck will require more work (and money!) to maintain year after year than a composite deck is oftentimes the selling point for many customers in their decision. We want to note here that there are NO composite decks that are completely maintenance free. All of the composite and PVC decking materials on the market today do require some cleaning and maintenance each year. This "low" maintenance generally entails a good spring cleaning with an approved cleanser each year and keeping the deck free of organic materials throughout the year.
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